Someday I must leave this world

Halloween 322

Someday I must leave this world behind. I realize I will soon be old. Because time flies. And no matter what I do in life, it will not matter. Nobody will care what I did in life after my death. How can I walk on earth knowing this fact?

The most important in my life, will be to do things I enjoy. Not to earn an outrageous amount of money. Which it actually is for most of people in, at least, my society. How can they walk on earth knowing they can disappear anytime, not ever coming back, and not have done the things they enjoy?

Isn’t strange thinking why I, me, was born at this time of all times. Why didn’t I live in the past or the future. Why now, who could ever know. Who could ever decide. Would I have other dreams and thoughts in another time?

Well, what can we do about this? We can feel anxiety I feel. We can forget about it and follow the stream of our society. We can die and escape.

All I can say is that I want to live without a jacket. And I want to believe in another life, I want to continue thinking, but I just cannot.


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