An update

555623_10151073262572974_2053869561_nHey there my lovely followers! Just wanted to tell you that for now, I’m not very inspired and I have posted my best photos here for now. There’s nothing I want to photograph in my environment. I will come back of course, when I decide to and when I’ve been abroad which is my only motivation for taking pictures. During this time, I have chosen to import this blog to the personal. If you care you are very welcome to continue to follow me there. Otherwise, just check my page “Contact me”. This is a link to my personal blog.



5 thoughts on “An update

  1. Hej Victoria.
    Jag har gjort färdigt 2 eller kanske 3 bilder.
    Skall jobba på ett par varianter till av ditt foto.
    Kan dröja …
    Ha det gott …
    Och tack än en gång för att jag får låna fotot på dig.
    Replicant Core

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