About Vicky


As you probably, or actually should have noticed by now, my biggest passion is traveling, because in that, all my other passions reveals- photography, art, different cultures, partying, beeing crazy, running, diving and swimming, eating and music discoveries. I love jazz, 60s, punk, house, indie, hiphop and classical music. I also love architecture, red wine, poetry, art, reading and writing.

In the picture above, I am. I have really curly hair and blue eyes. The hair comes from my dad, who lives in New Zealand and the blue eyes from my Swedish mum. I am pretty tall and 18 years old. I like to work out, I absolutely love it! 2012 I lost a lot of weight but that doesn’t really matter on this blog. If you care, maybe you should visit my personal blog which is written in Swedish but you could always use Google Translate.

I live in Stockholm for the moment, studying natural science. In June you won’t find me here though, because I will follow some of my dreams which doesn’t take place in Sweden.

I hope to hear suggestions and critics from you!
Love, Vicky.


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