My photography

Hey there! I’m happy you found your way here! Hopefully you will enjoy my photos. I don’t want to bore you, like this in the beginning of our relationship but ask before you use photos of mine, or if publishing anywhere- link! Otherwise, I have a huge passion for traveling and it’s mostly then I photograph, lately I’ve been to the beautiful Galicia, north of Spain, Paris and Zakinthos, an island in Greece. I don’t really like taking photos where I live, in Stockholm, Sweden. I don’t enjoy it and I most definitely don’t think it’s beautiful during most of the weather circumstances in this Scandinavian country. Perhaps when it’s really white of snow outside and in the cool summers, there is a certain beauty. My goal is getting out of here as quickly as I can, to go to the places I love to photograph. That’s for a reason, for sure!

Most of my photos is taken with my Nikon D90 but it can be taken with a Canon 1100 too, if they are a bit older. I have read the most basic photography course in school for one year, so I have the basics but the only way to get better is hard work! I have a special thing that I love, and that is cosy old doors and balconies. Especially French balconies, so hopefully you’ll see some of them here on the blog!


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